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After downloading the package, unzip it into a specific folder on your hard disk. Let's call this folder AntForm_home for what follows.

In your Ant build file, create taskdef (task definitions) with a classpath referring to your ${antForm_home}/lib/AntForm.jar file, unless this file is copied into the base ${ant_home}/lib folder of your Ant distribution, in which case it doesn't need to be referenced through the taskdef classpath attribute. The task definitions should look like this:

<taskdef name="antform" classname="com.sardak.antform.AntForm" 
<taskdef name="antmenu" classname="com.sardak.antform.AntMenu" 

You can also use the provided taskdefs.properties:

<taskdef resource="com/sardak/antform/taskdefs.properties"

You're ready to use the freshly-defined tasks in other ant targets. See AntForm and AntMenu for more information on the specificities if the antform and antmenu tasks.


There's a sample and build file named test.xml in the root folder. If your ant_home and path environment variables are correctly set, you should be able to test the samples with the following command:

	ant -f test.xml test testmenu testne spinners password wizard1

Use ant -f test.xml -p to see a list of other tests. These tests use other properties or behavioural characteristics and will show you more of what AntForm/AntMenu can do.

The AntForm Team - sardak@users.sourceforge.net- updated: 31/01/2009