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16/05/2006 Antform 1.4.6 Released

Antform version 1.4.6 released.

  • Labels expand properties in antmenu (was working only in antform)
  • On Windows (not tested on Unix like OS), the taskbar will contain an icon for each antform/antmenu
  • Possibility to specify an icon image (will replace the default coffee cup)
  • Addition of taskdefs.properties in antform.jar (was documented, but not there...)
  • Creation of the mailing list antforms-user@lists.sourceforge.net
  • Migration to a SVN repository
  • Make sure the target JVM is 1.4 during compilation

23/01/2006 Antform 1.4.6beta2 Released

Antform version 1.4.6beta2 released.

  • New table attribute: bestFitColumns
  • Add tooltips
  • New checkSelectionproperty and radioSelectionProperty attribute: columns
  • Hide ok, reset or cancel button when label is empty.
  • background attribute for links (experimental)
  • It is now possible to use custom widgets. Such widgets must extend com.sardak.antform.types.BaseType
  • The properties save feature keeps the original property file layout and content
  • Form properties are now saved in the ant project before link invocation
  • Fixed bug: properties were saved when clicking cancel
  • Several bug fixes and cleanup

03/05/2005 Antform 1.4.5 Released

Antform 1.4.5 Released

  • Added support for table column widths that can now be set through properties

13/03/2005 Antform 1.4.4 Released

AntForm version 1.4.4 released.

  • More swing interface stabilization: frames are no longer created on each task execution but rather created once per target and reused whenever possible.
  • Added support for radio buttons via the radioSelectionPropery type.
  • Added AntMenuItem type for adding menu links to AntForm and AntMenu tasks.
  • Added LinkBar type for adding links directly into AntForm tasks.
  • Minor bug fixing.

10/03/2005 Antform 1.4.3 Released

AntForm version 1.4.3 released.

  • Complete overhaul of the presentation layer.
  • Stabilized window packing behaviour.
  • Minor bug fixing.

05/03/2005 Antform 1.4.2 Released

AntForm version 1.4.2 released.

  • Added support for required fields.
  • Added documentation in the distribution.
  • Stabilized mnemonics behaviour.
  • Minor bug fixing.

04/03/2005 Antform 1.4.1 Released

AntForm version 1.4.1 released.

  • Added support for file- and directory- chooser properties
  • Removed default LAF
  • Added columns and rows attributes on labels so as to be able to set dimensions on labels.

03/03/2005 Antform 1.4 Released

AntForm version 1.4 released.

  • Added numberProperty and listProperty tasks associated to spinner controls (requires Java 1.4 to run these tasks
  • Added dateProperty task for choosing dates, using a custom calendar control.

24/02/2005 AntForm 1.3.1 Released

AntForm version 1.3.1 released.

  • Added suppport for wizard mode on the AntForm task. NextTarget and PreviousTarget attributes, when set, call specified targets when their respective buttons are clicked.

22/02/2005 AntForm 1.3 Released

AntForm version 1.3 released.

  • Added suppport for stylesheets: font family, color, background color, font size, border width, border color and font weight can be configured on form widgets.

13/02/2005 AntForm 1.2.2 Released

AntForm version 1.2.2 released.

  • Added support for images on the top panel of AntForm and AntMenu task frames.
  • Added label sub-task to AntMenu tasks

28/01/2005 AntForm 1.2.1 Released

AntForm version 1.2.1 released.

  • Added support for password fields on the AntForm task, using a password attribute that enables user input masking when set to true.

13/01/2005 AntForm 1.2 Released

AntForm version 1.2 released.

  • Added support for the AntMenu task, which provides a menu bar for moving to other ant targets through a single click on a button. See homepage for usage information.

10/01/2005 AntForm 1.1 Released

AntForm version 1.1 released.

  • Added support for editable/non-editable properties. The editable attribute is supported for textProperty, multilineTextProperty, selectionProperty and booleanProperty.
  • Added a label field for adding message boxes to the forms that take up both columns and present a brief explanatory text message to the user for assisting in form edition.

07/01/2005 AntForm 1.0 Released

AntForm version 1.0 released. Both sources and compiled binary are available for download.

The AntForm Team - sardak@users.sourceforge.net- updated: 31/01/2009